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From residential to commercial and back again.

Six decades in the making.

A couple of brothers who were handy with the tools, Ross and John Good came from humble beginnings – building State Homes in West Auckland during the 1950s.

After 10 years and 80 completed houses it was time for a change. Good Bros Construction was formed in 1963 and the brothers shifted to commercial builds.

Things moved fast. Carpenter Addie Cunningham joined in 1965 and by the mid 1970s Good Bros was lining up Government Funded Builds, including schools and hospitals, with as many as 230 carpenters on the books.



1969 Waitamata Electric Power Board - Concrete Pole Factory

Shortly after, trade unions made it increasingly difficult to continue this way, causing Good Bros to downsize and the brothers to commence other ventures including Forestry, Farming and Commercial Real Estate. During this period, Addie took over as General Manager, pursuing commercial contracts in Auckland.
The scale and complexity of this particular house made it more of a commercial build
One afternoon in 1982, Architect David Mitchell (Hill Manning Mitchell) asked Addie if he would build a house for Alan Gibbs. The scale and complexity of this particular house made it more of a commercial build, so after a fair bit of convincing, Addie agreed. Good Bros was back in the residential business.

For the next 10 years Good Bros completed around 90% commercial and 10% residential contracts.
Gibbs House

1983 Gibbs House

In 1996, Addie’s son, Cameron, joined the ranks as a seasoned Quantity Surveyor with a passion for the residential side of business. This marked a turning point for Good Bros. By 2010 Good Bros exclusively built high-end residential homes, and by 2012 Cameron was General Manager.
Hard-earned reputation for impeccable tradesmanship and integrity,
Today, the company (now Good Brothers Group) has a hard-earned reputation for impeccable tradesmanship and integrity, with over 75 completed bespoke homes in their portfolio – a figure unmatched in the NZ market.
Looking back over 60 years

Looking back over 60 years

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The story of Ross & John Good (the brothers who started it all) began with building State Homes and their own spec homes in West Auckland in the 1950s. They officially started Good Bros Construction in 1963.

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In what turned out to be a very wise hire, Addie Cunningham joined Good Bros in 1965, and he’s still working here over 50 years later.

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The build: Waitemata Electric Power Board – Concrete Pole Factory. During this build Addie was promoted to Foreman, but with Good Bros being so busy he was thrown in the deep end on this project. After realising he had started building one bay too many, he walked up the road to the office to offer his resignation. Needless to say his resignation wasn’t accepted and he is still here 53 years later. The rest of the project went without a hitch.

Waitakere School copy

We built the majority of Ministry Of Works schools in Auckland – including Waitakere College which you can see here.

north shore crematorium

Construction nearly complete on the North Shore Crematorium. We built it in 1973. It looks the same today as it did when it was completed. It’s become rather iconic.

Gibbs House

The build: The Gibbs House. This was the start of our journey from commercial construction into high-end residential. Architect David Mitchell (Hill Manning Mitchell) convinced Addie to build our first luxury home. This house won the NZIA Supreme Award in 1985 & NZIA Enduring Award 2015.

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Auckland School of Engineering – Here was a job Carlton Cranes thought they would make a mint off. It was quite the shock when they realised we only needed their big crane to lift our small one onto the roof. It was an unusual sight, but it saved us and the University a lot of money. 20 years later, after a good innings, that crane fetched $750 at the scrapyard.

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The build: Grafton Holdings. We pioneered the ceramic tile cladding trend with this project. Ahead of its time and visually striking, this 5 storey building is still in great condition nearly 40 years later.

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The build: Cape Rodney Radar Station. We used heavy lift helicopters to place these domes. At the time, the only heavy lift choppers in the country were servicing oil rigs, so we could only hire them on the weekends. We assembled the domes on the ground, then heli-lifted them into place. One dome began oscillating in the air, applying massive pressure to the dome that it wasn’t designed to handle, and it exploded over the trees. We used 3 men standing on the platform, only tied on with a bit of rope (in the days before OSH), to assist the dome into place. Looking back it was extremely dangerous, essentially assisting a wrecking ball into place!
These rain radar stations are still in operation today.

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The build: Auckland Contemporary Arts Gallery. An iconic Auckland building, this Private Gallery was designed by David Mitchell.

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The iconic private residence in Omaha – Fairhall Pink Beach. Designed based on a Hawaiian Resort, this mega house is visible from all angles in Omaha and very hard to miss.

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The build: Kilbryde Apartments. This well-known, five tower apartment complex in Gladstone Road has been our largest residential build. We’re very proud of this building, although the satisfaction soured somewhat after the developer went into liquidation and failed to pay us for the last 6 months of work!

0002 v5

The extension: The Drake. A heritage building, the restrictions made this job challenging. So to extend the premises, we built wings around it, and dug underneath it. The iconic The Drake hotel is now prestigious office space and houses popular restaurants.


The build: Limestone House. We Reclaimed Real Estate to extend the pool and the lawn out from the house over the cliff. This complex process allows us to create land out of thin air. The neighbour was so impressed he asked us to do the same to his property.

CM19848 v3

The build: Hoseason House. What appears to be an unassuming house from the street, is in fact 4 storeys of high-end living, with the 2 lower floors carved out of the cliffside.


Having lived on this property for 40 years, the Wongs decided to demolish the original spec home and build two Sumich Chaplin designed townhouses on the site instead. One house for them, the other for their son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. There is a courtyard in the middle for communal living, keeping the families close together.

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2023 and beyond…

We are nearing the end of 4 exciting projects which are due to be completed throughout 2023. All four projects are designed by Sumich Chaplin Architects.
11 Fenton Circus, a 969m2 private home. Completion June 2023.
40-42 Selwyn Ave, a 1641m2 private home. Completion October 2023.
2 Westbury Crescent, a 930m2 two adjoined private homes. Completion October 2023.
89 Kings Road Panmure, a 560m2 private home. Completion August 2023.

Since 1953

Project History

1982Courtville Apartments - City - Promanco & Associated
1983Gibbs Residence - Judges Bay, Parnell - Hill Manning Mitchell
1987Almorah Rise Apartments - City - Promanco & Associates
1990Overton House - Cremorne Street, Herne Bay - Fairhead Sang & Carnachan
1992Helm House - Arney Crescent, Remuera - Hulena Architcts
1993Tseng House - Paritai Drive - Ron Sang
1996Phillips House - Victoria Avenue, Remuera - Carnachan Architects Ltd
1997Miller House - Takapuna Beach - Jasmax Architects
1998Abri Developments - Mt Eden - Abri Developments
1999Weller House - Coatesville - Hulena Architects
1999Gallagher House - Lucerne Road, Remuera - Summich Architects
2000Thomson House - Karaka - Carnachan Architects Ltd
2000Overton House No. 2 - Cheltenham Beach - Hulena Architects
2000Stroeven & Poirier House - Cliff Top, Torbay - Ron Sang
2001Fairhall - Pink Beach, Omaha - Murry Cockburn
2001Darby House - Stanley Point, Devonport - Architectus
2001Crighton House - Waitakere - Hulena Architacts
2001John Key House - St Stephens Avenue, Parnell - Leuschke Group
2002Tetro House - Milford Beach - Hulena Architects
2002Farquhar House - Arney Crescent, Remuera - Hulena Architects
2002Ash Hurst - Benson Road, Remuera - Murry Cockburn
2003Anderson House - Takapuna Beach - Hulena Architects
2003Kilbryde Development - Andrew Scott Cotton
2003Bradley House - Clifftop, Castor Bay - Richard Priest
2003Dixon House - Wharua Crescent, Remuera - Murray Cockburn
2003Mccurrach House - Benson Road, Remuera - Murray Cockburn
2004Thorp Houses - Rawene Avenue, Westmere - Pete Bosseley Architects
2004Haddon House - Lakeview Road, Takapuna - Danel Marshall Architect
2005Fardell House - Cheltenham Beach - South Pacific Architecture
2005Guise Townhouses - Orakei - Hulena Architects
2005Bublitz House - Herne Bay - Fearon Hay
2006Kirk-Smith House - Draper Architects
2006Laurenson House - Hulena Architects
2007Vincent House - Sumich Architects
2007Hoffman House - Pete Bosseley Architects
2007Lucas House - Hillary Preist
2007Reid House - Hanene Street, St Heliers - Sumich Architects
2009Paykel House - Remuera - Sumich Architects
2010Doole House - Waimea Lane, Remuera - Clark Brown Architects
2010Donald House - Rawene Street, Westmere - Pete Bosseley Architects
2010Hare House - Geoff Richards Architects
2010Cabrey House - Hulena Architects
2010Newman House - Geoff Richards Architects
2011Vela House - Elwyn Vela Architects
2011St John House - A Studio
2012Hoseason House - Hulena Architects
2012Piha Bach - Hulena Architects
2012Burwood House - Sumich Chaplin Architects
2012Ward House - Cprw Fisher
2012Chester Clovelly House - Sumich Chaplin Architects
2012Song & Cao House - Cook Sargisson & Pirie
2013Ringwood House - Hulena Architects
2014La Pread House - Hulena Architects
2014Barley Trust - Sumich Chaplin Architects
2014Orapiu Waiheke - Paul Brown & Architects
2014Cowie House - Robin O'donnell Architects
2015Nolan House - Sketch Architecture2016 - Cui House - Lakeside Studio
2016Martin House - Lloyd Hartley
2016Van Den Brink House - Sumich Chaplin Architects
2016Comer House - Hulena Architects
2016Shoebridge House - Robin O'donnell Architects
2016Newman House - Mckinney + Windeatt Architects
2017Fredricson House Omaha - Hulena Architects
2018Key House - Sumich Chaplin Architects
2018Henry House - Sumich Chaplin Architects
2018Toungue Farm - Sumich Chaplin Architects
2018Thorp House - Bossley Architects
2019Delegat House - Sumich Chaplin Architects
2020Vela House - Sumich Chaplin Architects
2020Spencer House - Sumich Chaplin Architects
2021Wong House - Sumich Chaplin Architects

1973Wix Corporation Nz Ltd - Babbage Partners Ltd
1974Paykel Honeywell - Babbage Partners Ltd
1973Waitakere Licensing Trust - Babbage Partners Ltd
1973Acrow Carpenter - Bruce Wallace & Partner
1971Horizon Aluminium - Bruce Wallace & Partner
1974Central Stores Building - Orchard & Allison
1976Chelsea Raw Sugar Store - Booth Sweetman Wolfe
1979Northbridge Village Centre - Booth Sweetman Wolfe
1981Waste Baling Station - Waitemata City
1981Bank Of New Zealand Glen Eden - Murray North Partners
1981N.z.e.d. Area Control Building - Murray North
1985M.s.i. Honeywell - Babbage Partners
1986Onehunga Mall Development - Manning Mitchell
1986Grafton Holdings Khyber Pass - Promanco & Associates
1987Irvin & Stern Lynmall For A.m.p. - Walker Co Partnership
1987Whangaparoa Town Centre - Walker Co Partnership
1988All Season Energy Centre - Archtect Co-Ordinates
1989Lilypak Industries Warehouse - Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner
1989Temporary Enclosure Swimming Pool - Babbage Partners
1989Cape Rodney Radar Station - Murray North
1990Outlook Hill, Wellington Weather Radar - Murray North
1991Canterbury Weather Radar Staion - Murray North Ltd
1992Aepd Newmarket - Murray North Ltd
1993Auckland Art Gallery - Auckland City
1993Telecom Fitout - Kelvin Grant
1994Auckland Art Galleryperipheral Galleries - Auckland City Council
1995Auckland Contemporary Arts New Gallery - David Mitchell
1995Mercury Energy Information Services - Mercury Energy
1995Sky City Casino Restaurant 2 - Craig Craig Moller
1995Mercury Energy Finance Unit - Mercury Energy
1995Whangaparaoa Town Centre - Cogito Consultants
1995Whangaparaoa Hotel - Cogito Consultants
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1997Liquor Store Massy W.l.t. - Peter Hollenstein
1998Melville Park Pavillion - Felicity Wallace
1998Arch Hill Army Centre - Opus International
2000Leek Street - Daji & Twoose
20024 Storey Office Development - Sang Architects
20075 Storey Mixed Use Development - Architectus
20095 Storey Commercial - Drake St, Freemans Bay - Leuschke Group
2010Commercial Alteration - Leuschke Group

1974Long Bay College - Ministry Of Works
1974Waitakere College - Ministry Of Works
1970Birkdale College - Ministry Of Works
1974Nga Tapuwae College - Ministry Of Works
1974Onehunga High School S.s. Block - Gordon Mcdonald Wright
1976Howick College - Ministry Of Works
1976Orewa College Re-Development - Hill Manning Mitchell
1984School Of Engineering Roof Top Development - K.r.t.a. Ltd
1985Marae & Maori Studies Block - Jasmad Group Ltd
1990Epsom Girls Grammar - David Mitchell
1994Auckland Girls Grammar School - Works Consultancy
1997Kings College - Goode Couch & Christie
2000Peninsula Primary School - Colin Pauling
2001Manukau Library - Malcome Chedle
2001Avondale College - Babbage
2010Kings College Chapel Close - Kay Keys

1973Waitakere Hospital Staff Acc. - Haughey Fox & Partners
1975St. Andrews Hospital - Haughey Fox & Partners
1974Mangere Post Office - Haughey Fox & Partners
1972Auckland Distribution Centre - Moller Rusden & Assn.
1973North Shore Crematorium - K.r.t.a. Ltd
1973Kelston Community Centre - K.r.t.a. Ltd
1972I.h.c. Hostel - Noel Bierre
1975I.h.c. Sheltered Workshops - D.a. & L. Chrystall
1977Cafeteria-Kitchen (Middlemore Hospital) - Booth Sweetman Wolfe
1977Tamaki Recreation Centre - K.r.t.a. Ltd
1978Northbridge Residential Home - Hoadley Budge Partner
1979Residential Treatment Centre - Babbage Partners
1981Northcote Library & Civic Centre - Hill Manning Mitchell
1982Auckland Dairy Laboratory - Ministry Of Works
1988Mt. Eden Prison 40 Cell Block - Works Consultancy
1988Greenlane Hospital Wards 2-6 Upgrading - Auckland Area Health Board
1989Mt. Eden Prison Wc/Whb In Cells - Works Consultancy
1990Mt. Eden Prison Womens Division - Works Consultancy
1994Medical Centre, St Lukes - Ashton Mitchell
1994Wilson Home - James Klein
1994Mt. Eden Prison Ablution Area Upgrades - Works Consultancy
1996Salvation Army Epsom - Andrew Scott Cotton
1999Auckland Prison Safe Cells - Architects Nz Ltd
1999St Saviours Church - Laurenson Architects
2001Auck Prison Shwr Blks & Guardrm Upgrade - Peter Hart