AD0867 D
2022 Refurbishment

Barochan Remuera

The original house on this site was touted as one of the two best houses in New Zealand at the time (early 1900’s). It was a passion project for the owner, whose research on the original home’s history heavily informed the new design. All the wood (American Oak, Rimu & Kauri) has been salvaged from the original house or sourced from demolition yards. The owner reused the original red bricks and scoured NZ for the remainder – most of them sourced from the devastation of the Christchurch earthquake. Everything has been done by hand to stay true to the old building. One of New Zealand’s most extraordinary rebuilds, this project took an excess of 75,000 hours (over 5 years) to complete – our longest build time.

This stunning home is a case study in preservation.

  • McKinney Windeatt
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Exterior lower loggia looking North SIMON FILE R5 2 AA6769
Exterior perspective from East lawn SIMON FILE R5 2 AA6318 19 20 21
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