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2019 Residential

Cliff Top House

You’d be forgiven for thinking there was touch of “Thunderbirds Are Go!” about this house. With its clean lines, futuristic design, spacious levels, indoor-outdoor flow, perched up high, with 360° views over the harbour… there are some striking similarities.

Another difficult access site, single access up a long ROW drive with a hair pin corner at the top, building components had to be sized within the constraint of what trucks could manoeuvre around the corner at the top of the drive.

This house was built on land that was the site of a Māori Pā – a part of Auckland called Te Pane O Horoiwi – dating back to the 1600’s. Having a previous house on the site, only a few taonga were found. We worked closely with the archaeologist, Heritage NZ and Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei during the early stages of construction.

You can tell by the location and the views that this is a special place.

  • Sumich Chaplin
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